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Barbe Dolan of Fashionista in Suburbia shares three simple ways to use makeup to inject a little colour into your dark Winter palette.

I look forward to Winter – fluffy jumpers, snuggly coats, boots and beanies. But it is also the season that the colour of your clothing starts to match the weather – dark, moody and a little dull. One simple way I like to add a little colour to that sea of black and grey is by incorporating bold, beautiful colours into my makeup.

It is a creative way to transform, accentuate or make a statement. It can also define who we want to portray to the outside world. I do this by wearing bold, red lipstick to meetings to help me feel fierce, strong and in control. Other times I add a coloured eyeliner for a more fun, playful mood.

Is it all in my head? Maybe. But colour is a powerful tool — and has long researched and proven emotional value.

Add a pop of colour to your winter makeup.
Why not swap your black, grey or brown eyeliner for something a little different? A good guide is to go for the opposite colour on the colour wheel to highlight your own eye colour. Brown peepers will shine with a rich navy or more regal purple liner.

Believe it or not, green eyeliner looks amazing with blue eyes and a copper will make those eyes pop even more! If you are lucky enough to have those beautiful and most rare green eyes, an eyeliner in a purple or dark berry hue will really show them off and have people looking twice.

Fashionista in Suburbia's Barbe Dolan

Fashionista in Suburbia’s Barbe Dolan

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your lipstick.
There is no doubting that lipstick is the most popular of cosmetics. Recent research has shown that there are between 800–900 million lipsticks sold every year globally. The Suffragettes wore bold red lipstick as a form of emancipation. Then there is the Lipstick Effect: a known theory, that even during a recession sales of lipstick go up as ladies look for less costly luxury goods.

The easiest way to treat yourself, whatever the season, is to go and buy a new lippy. And let’s face it, RED always looks so good with black.

Try out a different nail colour.
Polish transforms your functional digits into ten beautiful gems. Keep them short if you prefer, but a flash of brightly coloured nail polish always makes a statement.

Nail polish originated in China over 3000 years ago, when people began painting their nails the colours of the ruling dynasty. In Egypt and India, the lower classes painted their nails pale hues, as the deeper reds and henna browns were strictly reserved for the higher ruling classes.

These days anything goes, and the selection of colours is as big as your imagination. An unexpected, delicious flash of navy or green on your nails, is just as striking as a traditional fire engine red. And these colours do look so much nicer on shorter nails.


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Barbe is a self-professed, hopelessly addicted to fashion, suburban mother of three adult children and a breast cancer survivor from Sydney. Her mission is to show women of all ages, who feel like they have outgrown shopping in the cheaper, younger, funkier chain-stores, but still want to look stylish, how to put an outfit together and where to shop. Follow Barbe’s makeup, beauty and fashion tips on her popular blog, Fashionista in Suburbia.