Edgy 50 Claudine Stylist
Stylist Claudine Calliebot, is by far one of the edgiest 50-plus women in Geelong. Not one for the white capri pant and floral tunics that normally adorn those living so close to the coast, she is turning heads with her unique take on femme-punk, and has recently collaborated with some of the country’s hottest new designers, including Geelong’s very own Birdskin.

Claudine tell us a bit about yourself?

I moved from Brisbane to Geelong 12 years ago now, and I work as an office manager for a mining and excavation business. I am surrounded by macho builder types all day so I started playing dress up to cheer me up! This is why I dress the way do – it’s all about making myself feel good, despite the grind of going to work every day.

My daughter suggested I start sharing my outfits on social media, and much to my surprise, people started to like and follow me, and it has continued to grow from there. The name Edgy 50 was actually chosen by my friends. I wouldn’t have said it was that accurate at the time, but it works, and certainly reflects my mischievous, bad girl attitude!

Would you say your style has evolved over time?

I guess my personal style did develop over time. Although I never did really conform to ‘trends’, as I got older I become more confident in myself. Now I very much wear what I like, and what I want. What makes me feel good.

Edgy 50 Mature Style

Edgy 50’s Claudine Calliebot. Photo by Casey Rafferty.

And what would you say inspires your fashion choices?

I have always been an admirer of Dame Vivienne Westwood. Her punky, edgy style has appealed to me ever since I was a teenager and still to this day I admire her no boundaries, who gives a fuck kind of attitude!

What item of clothing can’t you live without?

Definitely shoes. I dress for my shoes! The clothes I wear have to compliment them. This is probably why I wear a lot of black, as I tend to wear clothing that is not too fussy so that my shoes and accessories can stand out.

What kinds of shoes tend to catch your eye?

I choose my shoes for their colour, their unique designs, or the pattern – I prefer them to be loud and out there! My true love is Italian shoes and whenever I’m on holidays over that way I make sure to visit my favourite shoe store Manee Milano in Milan. I adore all of his designs!

And you’ve recently stepped into the world of styling, tell us about that?

I have only recently decided to try my hand at styling and I love it. The appeal for me is meeting so many different women, listening to their worries and reminding them that change is possible at any age – it should not be feared.

Edgy 50 Plus Style

The wonderful Claudine. Photo by Casey Rafferty.

What’s involved in a typical Edgy 50 styling consultation?

This is the other part I enjoy, as no styling consultation is the same. All clients differ, their needs and expectations. I guess the first thing is to establish why they are seeking help and what they hope to achieve, before guiding them towards some styles suggestions they feel comfortable in. Styling is not about trying to making others look just like you, it’s about teaching people to find their own styles.

Any style advice for our fabulous, busty broads?

Busty broads! Again, wear what you like, show them off, don’t be scared of them! Chose a neckline, like a portrait neckline, that is going to be the most flattering, something that fits comfortably across the chest but then isn’t too big or ill-fitting on the rest of the body. You can cinch in tops and dresses with a belt to highlight your waist too.

How do you feel about the term ‘age appropriate’?

There is no such thing as age appropriate anymore. Really, anything goes! Mature women have developed their own style and know what to wear and how to wear it. I wish it was reflected in more magazines and other media although we have made huge progress. I saw if you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing go for it!

And what would your most important piece of style advice be?

The one piece of advice I would give anyone is to just follow their instincts – you are the best judge of what is going to be right for you, and who knows what feels right. Seek the advice of a stylist if you need some help. But if it makes you happy, then wear it and wear it well – personal style has a way of empowering you, so use it to your advantage!

Edgy 50 Plus Style

Edgy 50’s Claudine Calliebot. Photo by Casey Rafferty.

You can follow Claudine, or contact her about styling or collaborations vie her Instagram account at @edgy_50.

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