Mel Brady -- Embrace Age
Model and stylist, Melinda Brady, and most recently the creator of YouTube channel Embrace Age, talks to us about ageing naturally and embracing the years, rather than trying to hold them back.

Mel, have you always tried to take good care of your skin?

Yes, even though as a child I never got pimples, my skin was dry and I had lots of freckles. I can remember buying age spot remover cream from the chemist to try and remove them because I hated them so much. But then my mum discovered the cream and explained to me I was lucky to have them and I should embrace them as they would probably fade with time. They have faded now and of course, I do miss them. Though sunscreen is one of the things I depend upon on a daily basis, and if I don’t use it my freckles reappear but looking like dirty brown blotches.

What does your daily skincare routine involve?

I start by washing my face then use a little micellar water to clarify. I’ve become entirely addicted to the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula. Some years back I felt my skin was looking really dull, and then I found this amazing formula from Dr. Gross. I continue to use it every day, it makes my skin fresh and clear.

Then, I moisturise. Usually, I add a booster to my moisturiser like Philosophy Vitamin C Powder or Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil or some Damascan Rose Oil from Aesop. The rest of my skin secrets? Philosophy makes a two-pack called the Microdelivery Peel. I tell you – this is the most amazing stuff. I use it on special occasions and it literally takes away the fine lines around my eyes (alas, it’s temporary).

I could wax lyrical about some of Kiehls other great products — like the Powerful Strength line, the Reducing Concentrate, and their amazing Body Butter.
Fifty plus model and stylist, Mel Brady.

Model and stylist, Mel Brady. Photo by Simon Anderson, hair and make-up by Lisa Sherry.


What are your thoughts on ageing well? Do you use any injectables?

I will admit, did try botox at 40 then again at 45 and to be frank, I just didn’t like it. Every action has a reaction, and those little lines just reappear on other parts of your face.

About that time I’d had an accident and had to concentrate on my recovery for around 6 months. During that time I realised I was fixating on becoming older. I think I started to buy into the hype around society’s pressure to stay looking young (trying to hold back the years), so it was then I decided that I would embrace my years and age naturally instead.

The fabulous thing about being fifty plus is that I’m able to look at the bigger picture that’s me. It’s why I’ve put myself forward as a model so late in life, I have come to no longer fear judgment. I want to show my peers that there are women out there ageing well, naturally.


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Mel Brady is Melbourne based a stylist whose silver hair led her from working behind the scenes as a stylist to being in front of the camera as a mature model and age positive advocate. Her mission, ‘to be what I wanted to see in the world,’ and to show her peers that women don’t have to be invisible past ‘a certain age’. Mel has a website and YouTube channel dedicated to Embracing Age, and has a killer instagram feed for your daily fix of Mel goodness and humour at